5 Eco Friendly Small Ships For A More Adventurous Honeymoon

I have been trying to write this post all day and have been unable to find the right words. I don’t want to offend anyone, but I have to say this out loud, I don’t like mega cruise lines! I can’t understand why they continue to build these monster ships that carry between 2- 5400 passengers… Read More »

My 10 Favorite Travel Resources

Love traveling but hate packing? Need help figuring out what to take (and what to leave at home?) Hitha Palepa is a consummate professional when it comes to packing. Check out here website where she shares tips to help you pack stylishly with limited items, so you’ll never over-pack and always be able to carry-on.… Read More »

Escape To Paradise: Villa Vista Bleu

Morning has come after a wonderful night celebrating your wedding. You say your last good-byes to your family and friends as you head to the airport for your long-awaited honeymoon. You have no clue where you are going because hubby had decided to keep it a secret all these weeks. His only suggestion was to… Read More »

Making “Up, Up & Away” More Comfortable

Over the years, I’ve come up with simple little ways to make the whole flying experience easier for me. I hope that sharing these tips will provide you and your guests a more relaxing and definitely more comfortable journey. Your Personal Medicine and Spa Bag Okay, you might call me a geek, but I believe… Read More »